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About Japanese Whisky


A whisky tasting can be a great way to break the ice at a party or networking event. The best way to wind down at the end of a meeting. The perfect accompaniment to fine dining or a fantastic occasion in its own right.

The Whisky Guy can bring a whisky tasting to you, wherever you are in the world. Or we can organise something at one of the unique venues we have a partnership with in London.

If you’re hosting a function, whether it’s formal or casual, conference or celebration we can create a tasting bespoke for you.


Group Sizes

We can cater for individuals at the corperate level, who simply want to learn more about different whiskies/whiskeys for client entertainment purposes or personal curiosity, right up to groups of six to 500.


Tastings styles

If you’re planning your own event we can bring our kit and caboodle to you. Wherever you are, from your livingroom, your business meeting in Manhattan, to a hot air ballon over Spain. Nowhere is too far, too special, too unique when it comes to single malt whisky.


Best suited to small groups

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