iPhone - Glenfiddich Whisky App

Glenfiddich has launched its first iPhone App today, which is now available for free download from iTunes : http://bit.ly/glenfiddichapp.

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The Glenfiddich iPhone app brings the Glenfiddich experience to everyone – from whisky novices to aficionados – at the touch of a button. Features include: 

Dram Directory: A handpicked selection of UK bars and restaurants that serve Glenfiddich. The feature uses the iPhone’s built-in geolocation technology to determine the whereabouts of the user and then presents a list of venues where they can enjoy a local dram. The directory also includes a recommendation engine and ‘invite a friend’ option (via text message, Facebook or Twitter). 

Glenfiddich Distilled: A pocket-sized companion to Glenfiddich’s award-winning whisky, providing a barrelful of information, fast-facts and videos at the user’s fingertips. 

Malt Mastermind: A multiple-choice quiz on all things whisky and Glenfiddich related. Brush-up on your knowledge using the Glenfiddich Distilled feature, then take the Malt Mastermind challenge to get closer to becoming a connoisseur.

Due to its references to alcoholic content, Apple classifies this app as 17+. However, since the application is sponsored by Glenfiddich, by downloading it you state you are over the age of 18.