Winner Announced! - Glenrothes Whisky Maker

The results are in; following a worldwide competition which ran from October 2010 until the end of January 2011, four enthusiasts have been chosen from many thousands of entries to work for a week in May as The Glenrothes Whisky Makers.


There are two winners from the UK. Tony Francis from Moray, Scotland (who won’t have too far to travel) submitted the following entry; “A whisky maker loves not just the whisky itself but the process it has to undergo to achieve the perfect product. It's the history, the buildings, the environment, the ingredients. To understand its birth and its maturing leads to true enjoyment.”


The second UK winner is Danielle Ellis from Midlothian, who wrote; “Discovering and trying new tastes and experiences is my passion. I'd bring enthusiasm, a great palate, a way with words and a good nose and become a lifelong ambassador.”


The third winner is from Ohio, USA. Eliot Edelstein’s winning entry read; “I am a man who has a focused passion for few things in life. The elegance and tradition involved in producing Scotch whisky stirs the passion in my soul. I can think of no other skill I would like to learn. It would be a great honour.”


The fourth winner is Sheng Hao Chen from Taiwan, whose entry stated; “The vintage concept introduced by The Glenrothes offers a whisky truth; maturity is more important than age. Unforgettably, I first encountered The Glenrothes in 1987; it was a memorable day. I’ve never been to Scotland and to see whisky being made first-hand would be a dream come true.”


As part of this opportunity, the fortunate foursome will learn the time-honoured art of making The Glenrothes and the skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. Hosted by Ronnie Cox, Whisky Ambassador of the Year 2008, the winners will spend time working at each stage of the whisky-making process. The Whisky Makers will nose single malt from maturing casks to assess whether the contents are of sufficiently exceptional quality and maturity. Finally, the Whisky Makers will have the opportunity to create their very own selection of The Glenrothes – a unique bottle with their own hand-written tasting notes on the label.


After work, our Whisky Makers will enjoy the simple pleasures that Speyside has to offer; a spot of fishing, dining in the local Highland restaurants or perhaps a picnic in the hills surrounding the distillery. They will stay in Rothes House, a private home belonging to the family that owns The Glenrothes. As with the distillery, Rothes House is not open to the public but is reserved for VIP visits. After making their own bottle of The Glenrothes, our whisky makers will spend their final day of the trip in Edinburgh, visiting The Scotch Whisky Experience and having dinner with Scotland’s pre-eminent whisky writer, Charles MacLean.