Glenmorangie malt whisky launches Father’s Day campaign

This Father’s Day, Glenmorangie is unveiling its first significant above-the-line programme since 2007/2008 with an exciting national advertising campaign. Using the line: Unnecessarily Well Made and stunning original pencil renderings by artist Vince Verma, each execution tells the story of the unseen lengths that Glenmorangie goes to in crafting their single malt whiskies.

Glenmorangie whiskies aren’t like other single malts: its whisky is still made using local spring water, from Scotch barley, by local craftsman. The tallest whisky stills in Scotland are used at the Tain distillery, so that only the finest vapours are captured to create an exceptionally delicate spirit. This is carefully aged in bespoke American oak casks that are only ever used twice to ensure the smoothest of flavours. Unnecessarily Well Made brings to life the expertise, precision and passion that go into creating Glenmorangie.

The initial national campaign in June will focus on two executions by Verma: the first is a snapshot inside the cask house as one barrel is being rolled away (this, demonstrating Glenmorangie’s strict twice-usage policy).

The second is a glimpse inside the Glenmorangie still house, showing its tall elegant stills that capture the lightest, purest flavour notes. Both visuals were created by Verma entirely in pencil and, because of the exquisite detail involved, upon first glance could be mistaken for photographs. Each image took over 60 hours to draw and used 9 pencils.

To take advantage of the gifting occasion that Father’s Day provides, this launch campaign will feature in The Times, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Independent and “i”, London Evening Standard, The Herald, The Scotsman, GQ and Esquire.

UK Marketing Director Louise Pilkington states; “I am delighted to see Glenmorangie advertising again, reinforcing our credentials as a complex and perfectly-balanced single malt through these new creatives.

“We chose to work with Vince Verma because we wanted to partner with someone who understood what it means to go beyond all precedent to create something unique. His creative interpretation of Glenmorangie’s artisan process will appeal to an audience that appreciates the delicate craftsmanship of our whisky.”

“Father’s Day is a key sales opportunity for Glenmorangie – by launching our above the line programme at this time of the year, we’re reminding our target consumer of our special whiskies for the month of June and beyond.”