Isle of Mull Whisky- Press release.

OUR STORY SO FARImage from Made on Mull

Isle of Mull Whisky was born in August 2010 by Neil Morrison and Calum Maclean. There were months of organising, maxing out credit cards and lengthy tasting sessions. The idea came to them one night when Neil and Calum were out for a few drams. Mid-session they hatched their plan:

to bring out their own unique whisky, a perfect blend which would be smooth enough for any palette and not just another bottle for gathering dust. Their whisky needed to be eye-catching and superior quality however still sensibly priced.

They toured the country and were successful in finding the best of Scottish nectar. Their good friend and local designer, Ewan Leckie (my creative), then helped them develop a prominent and unique branding. They were almost there.

Now Neil and Calum are primed professionals at spending money, so they were sensible enough to turn to our lifelong friend, Derwyn Hewitt (Isle of Mull Brewing Company), book keeping extraordinaire and chief wrist slapper. The team was together and all they had to do now was start selling.

Due to a massive amount of local support they found themselves with a strong base of businesses to start working with. It was not long before specialists Gordon & Macphail, Wallace’s Express and Fortieths were getting involved with promoting and selling Isle of Mull Whisky across the country.

Well folks, that’s the adventure so far, two local boys continually striving to push Isle of Mull Whisky to mainstream status, and claim their place in the wonderful world of whisky.