The eagle has landed: Caskstrength and Carry on! official Arran Whisky

Before I start the blog properly I have to say that if your familiar with Arran whisky or, simply go to and try to buy a bottle of this before it sells out (this is most definitely a collectors piece or simply a great dram)!

Okay now on with the blog post...

If you do a google search for terms "whisky+blog" the chaps at Caskstrength will undoubtedly rank in the top three.

The duo formally worked in the music industry as A&R men at competing record companies (believe Island and Warner). Both gents, Neil Ridley and Joel Harrison, now make a surprising complimentary tag team writing their anecdotal whisky blog

Over the last three years they have shared their thoughts and humour with Scotch enthusiasts ultimately reaching a global fan base, while also expanding themselves beyond the internet to write for print publications. In fact Neil is currently putting the final touches to his piece for the updated version of much read Malt Whisky Year Book.

As time closed in on the blog reaching three years old they decided that it could be "legally" classed as a whisky blog and meant that unlike a lot of bloggers (and writers) they would commemorate this mile stone with a whisky release of their own.

As Joel explains in the video below they managed to aquire an Isle of Arran single malt whisky cask with only 92 bottles worth of whisky left in it. It was bottled & labeled in Scotland and driven down to Master of Malt warehouse No.1 where it went on sale yesterday (28/06/2011).


As they had collected the whisky back in May after the Feis Ile; stopping at Casa del Rook on their way home I had been luck to try some already, but revisited it for tasting notes which will follow shortly.