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For a lot of people whisky isn’t a summer drink. Generally being relegated to the back of the booze cupboard like a football team that gets a second chance every winter.
Well in Japan they’ve got it right. For many Japanese people whisky is a refreshing summers drink, it just requires a small tweak. Now before [...]

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If you haven’t already seen the Drinks by the Dram offering from Master of malt Check out my video, but you should also see here, here, and here
The Whisky Guy

May 29th, 2010 | Filed under Whisky

Day 1:
Today was a 7am start, but arriving in the line-up for the ferry we’re by no means the earliest start of the day.
Standing next to our car was a group of gents from Falkirk who are extremely well versed with the Island and the Feis Ile.  Like most people heading to the festival they [...]

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Just a very quick post from my iPhone.
I’m sat on an out crop of rocks 20 miles from Campbeltown. Strangly this is the best place to sit as there is a veiw of Ilsay with the setting sun.
Neil and Joel from are here trying to find a signal so they can get a laptop [...]

May 21st, 2010 | Filed under Islay, Whisky

Wow, this year is flying by!
It’s just over a week until Neil & Joel from and myself set off on our drive from London to Islay. In preparation I’ve put together my top trumps of Islay whisky. Something that proved to be a difficult task as they are all fantastic drams!
In true top trumps [...]

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Yesterday (Wednesday 5th May 2010), I met with the inspiring and charismatic man in the UK behind Number One Drinks Company,  Marcin Miller.
For those not familiarly with what the brand offers your missing an absolute treat!
Number One Drinks Company was founded in August 2006 by Marcin and David Croll (who is based in Japan). They [...]

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Following my post on December 19th the collection is running thinner than before. So, in a last ditch effort to save my whisky collection and marriage I’m coming back at the UK to try and make some cash before returning to Canada.
I’m heading to SMWS Queen Street to meet with the guys for a job [...]

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There’s a sad truth to being a whisky collector and drinker.
When do I/you drink or sell this bottle? It sounds like an easy option, drink it! Always drink it!
Then earlier this year I got married. Myself and the wife hit the road, moving from Newcastle, UK to Vancouver, Canada. On a trip to America [...]

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Setting out from Newcastle to Glasgow is the easy part of getting to Islay.
I arrive at Auchentoshan Distillery (pronounced ‘OKKen-TOSHan’) late, GNER delays into Glasgow. Catching up on the back of the tour I reach the still house before meeting for a quick taster and then jumping on to a coach to head to the [...]

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