Product Launch - Top Gun with The Famous Goose (Man)

The first day of April sees the launch of our brand new product, The Famous Goose.

It's a product which has caused excitement for all of us at The Famous Grouse, as we welcome a new breed into our Famous Family. 

The Famous Goose gets its name from the celebrated Canada Goose, a migrant that ousts the Red Grouse as Scotland's favourite game bird, once a year in early April.  Its smooth taste comes from the blend of fine malt whiskies - including The McGonagall and Highland Snark - and sweet grain whiskies. 

We're sure it will become another one of Scotland's Favourite Whiskies, if only for a day. So why not open a bottle with a  gaggle of friends and see what all the fuss is about? Just be careful. The Goose can be an even more difficult breed to find than The Grouse.