Cutty Sark - Tam o' Shanter

This evening we've been recording a new episode of Village of the Drammed and in the process I was given a sample of the newest 25year old release from Cutty Sark called Tam o' Shanter.

For those not familiar with the actual tea clipper Cutty Sark its figurehead is the witch called "Nannie" from the Burns poem "Tam o' Shanter", so the name of this blend is  pretty apt.

The only information I currently have is that it's a limited edition blend of 5000 bottles at 46.5% abv. It was created master blender Kirsteen Campbell and should retail at approx. £200. This will get you a nice looking wooden box, bottle of whisky and a special edition book of the poem!

tasting notes

Cutty Sark Tam o' Shanter

ABV: 46.5%

Price: £200

Nose: Wowee! This has a big sweet apple hit. In fact I've instantly shelved my whisky glasses and opted for a reidel cognac glass. The switch has made all the difference and started to really bring out apple & ginger tart, ripe peaches, cinnamon, lemon drizzle cake, pineapple and raspberries covered in clotted cream & runny honey. This whisky starts out rich & sweet - it's the pure effervescence of dessert.  

As it sits opening up elements of Barbour jackets, beeswaxed leather and the smell of a freshly drilled metal come forward. However, the sherry influence lift to the back and draw you in with rum and raisin mixed with pistachio gelati as to continue the dessert theme. This dram always seems to finish off with healthy wafts of vanilla bewitching the nose back in as you draw away from the glass! 


Palate: A big spice comes at first followed by aniseed, hazelnut, dark chocolate and light woody astringency (but not in a bad way). Sweeten tobacco develop into almonds, cloves, cinnamon and finishes a hint of lemon sherbet fizz. From the last drop I had the sherry comes in, but is balanced to the whisky and wood. At this point I've ran out of whisky so have no more to say than a long finish ensues! 

A complex and very tasty blend more akin to a single malt and only wish I'd had more to sample or taken smaller mouthfuls. Never mind!