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What is a good food pairing with whisky like Lagavulin 16?

Last year on Islay Ben Ellefsen from Master of Malt made some pretty damn fine BBQ ribs for myself and the Chaps at, which we drank with the 2011 port aged Ardbeg feis Ile bottling. On returning home I was inspired to challenge my catering consultant/private chef wife to a rib off.

Being a chef she was pretty confident of winning already, but we set a time for some friends to come over and judge the results. To cut a long story short, when the day finally arrived I ultimately won hands down. The comparison made was Heaston Blumenthal versus Carol Brady.

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Press Release - Ardbeg Whisky, make it snappy!

Ardbeg Alligator is the latest result of years of experimentation by the Distillery and its team, headed up by Dr Bill Lumsden of the Glenmorangie Company, head of Distilling and Whisky Creation at the Edinburgh based firm; Glenmorangie, of course, bought and restored Ardbeg back in 1997.

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A Whisky Rollercoaster ride to Success for Ardbeg 

Ardbeg fans celebrate in style at the Ardbeg Rollercoaster party.

The iconic Islay malt whisky, Ardbeg invited hundreds of fans to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its worldwide fan club – the Ardbeg Committee, at two funfair-inspired events in Edinburgh and London in July 2010.

In 1997, when the Ardbeg Distillery on the shores of the remote island of Islay re-opened after years of closure, the Distillery appealed to loyal fans to help them spread the word about its re-awakening. Such was their enthusiasm that in 2000 the Distillery decided to form the Ardbeg Committee; its evangelical mission: “To ensure the doors of the Ardbeg Distillery never close again”. 

Ten years on and there are 50,000 members in 120 countries and in the UK members and guests enjoyed an authentic fun fair themed evening, with games such as 10 Dram Alley and ‘Shortie’ Shooter Gallery, while savouring the latest limited edition, Ardbeg Rollercoaster.

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