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Whisky Squad 6 – Brilliant Scotch Whisky Blends

The 2009 Scotch whisky regulations state: The two basic types of Scotch whisky, from which all blends are made,...

Whisky Tasting note for Glenfiddich (Explorers) 15yo – Distillery only

The guys at William Grants PR agency email myself and a bunch of other whisky bloggers nearly three weeks...

Talking Whisky Books with Ian Buxton

Ian has worked in the Scotch whisky and drinks industry for 20 years. He is conference Director of...

Back to the Whisky

This last fortnight has been a whirlwind of drinks related events and a relaxing trip to the Adirondacks in...

Chap Olympiad 2010 – Caskstrength & Bounder Wax

In it's 6th year, The Chap Olympiad is a celebration of bygone lifestyle with some fun games thrown in...

Campfire talk with Jamie from Glenfiddich

Tonight will see Jamie Milne story telling here in london, the address is below the video of Jamie explaining...

Ichiro’s Malt – Double Distilleries

A podcast tasting note of Japanese whisky from Ichiro's Malt range - Double distilleries.

Ardbeg 10yo

I'll always have a fond place on my whisky shelf for Ardbeg and like my parents I'll get my...

With Movember approaching your going to see more of this!

I’m loving the Old Spice ad’s and as one of the key sponsors for this years  campaign I have to...

Islay Malt with the Whisky Squad

It’s that time if the month again where 12-14 people come together and drink whisky and talk stuff, about...