When clicking on “about whisky & spirits” you may have noticed the drop down menu options which can help guide you quickly to a subject.

This section is all about where alcohol came from and what makes each spirit unique.  I’ve also included information about Scotch whisky regulations/definitions and useful information such as the Scotch Malt Whisky Society codes.

All spirits (liquor) share a history and this is shown in the timeline pages or map.  One of the biggest factors in the progression of each alcohol category (whisky, brandy, gin, vodka, etc…) is the increased ability for people to travel freely around the globe.  In the early – middle ages the most educated and travelled we’re people were generally from the religious doctrines; monks and priests (and equivalents from other religions) would bring the knowledge of distillation to people for medicinal purposes.

However, before this time in the BCE period the crude alcohol which has evolved into todays choice tipples was produced for cult worship to a connect with the spirit of the gods.

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