A common question i get asked is where can you find a good whisky bar in City X, Y or Z?

With lots of Pubs/Bars out there selling Scotch, Irish, Japanese and American whisky it easy to say the Pub near me has ten whiskies, but what classifies somewhere as a whisky bar?

In my opinion any bar with over 25 whiskies is showing a dedication to have a reasonable range (and investment in stock), so is classed in my list as a Whisky Bar. I’ll be looking for size of range, food, barman/lady (or barperson)’s knowledge and service levels (for example providing drinking water, snacks, etc…)

The drop down for the Good pub Guide lists the Bar name, city and country, so for example Scotch Malt Whisky Society London is:

Please contribute your thoughts, feedback and assistance to create a good whisky Pub guide that is truly comprehensive.

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