Whisky Squad – Follow up notes

Jun 3rd, 2010


That was a great night and some fantastic and interesting whiskies, plus a great group of guys! Willie Philips once said:

“When presenting a tasting to a group you should aim to have them treat and approach each whisky as a small child does the world around them!”

A big thank you to Jeff and the staff at The Gunmakers for the room and anyone interested in try some of the whiskies you’ll find them on the bar or click on the bottle images.


Tobermory 15 yo – Murray McDavid

Abv: 46%         Distilled: 1994 Island: Mull

Nose: Off the bat this has a solvent hit on the top note followed by Polish meats and and wet socks (I guess a Polish deli is the best descriptor) the solvent lightens to petrol and picks up sweet roasted cashew.

Body: Thin

Palette: This has an unusual palette as the sweetness seems winey and like rye bread at the same time. There is a herbal quality that stews in the mouth and not sure what to make of it. Light and interesting.

Finish: Medium to short, this would be a great aperitif, wit some queen olives and cheese bread sticks! This isn’t a session whisky in my mind.

Arran 12yo – Master of Malt

Abv: 54.7%       Island: Arran

Nose: The nose has lots going on and after a little hit of spirituous spice nutty, vanilla opens up and continues to provide.  Cinnamon, OJ from Tesco (with the bits) jump out and develop into a light sherry and stewed fruits medly.

Body: Almost a light creaminess, not a patch on the 18 yo HP from Signtory

Palette: It starts with bread and Butter, fudge with raisins and malty bread. With water this is scrumptious; opening up to citrus and summer fruits with a slight edge of freshly trimmed privet hedge.

Finish: Medium to short with a little orange zest. Does make you want to go back for more!

Highland Park 18yo – Signatory

Abv: 55.8%            Distilled: 1990 Island: Orkney

Nose: The top note is mustard honeyed ham, the light meatiness switches to tar and tabbacco. As it sits Wood spice, clove and figs come into the end.

Body: Holy crap this is THICK and oily.

Palette: Trying to get past the huge viscosity! This develops quickly to a mild TCP on cantaloupe, the sweetness on the tounge washes away to ripe tomatoes on the vine, samphire and Lemon.

Finish: This has a medium finish with lots of that Lemon citrus lingering.

Talisker 18 yo

Abv: 45.8       Distillery own bottling Island: Skye

Nose: Initially I got honey & cream, however, the bonfire that smoked out the beehive took over. A doughy waffle aroma comes in with Christmas spice and ginger jumping to the fore. As it levels out dark chocolate, rhubarb and a plastic phenol mixture sits at the back.

Body: Medium amount of body, a big departure from the HP

Palette: Interesting although I thought one dimensional – Pastrami and Rye.

Finish: The finish is a strange one. Its like going on a date and the person your with says your nice (a bad sign on any date!) and you think the night is over, so you just enjoy it for what it is. Before you know it your have breakfast together and they become a good “friend”.

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