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The new list arrived today in time for this Friday’s release, which for the guys in the Marketing team I have to say this is one of first times it’s came before the list is out.

For those not familiar with the Scotch Malt Whisky Society its a member club specialising in single cask single malt whisky from around the world. They have a panel of eight people

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By 1910 the Pattison crash had helped to bankrupt many Scottish & English distilleries. Four years late World War was declared and in 1916 was in full swing. Troops on the front line and in Blighty where drinking heavily. Whisky at this point didn’t have to be aged at all and could be taken…

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A fantastic whisky, but although the label describes it as Chewy and cheek-sucking I disagree. I’ll be sending a sample to the first five people to email me

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As a ritual to imbibe some of the “spirit” of Dionysus (the wine and fire god) the method of heating basic wines in ceramic cups was discovered. In the 800BC period the ancient Greeks & Egyptians found that they could capture the evaporating ether (or the God Dionysus) with a basic lid.

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That was a great night and some fantastic and interesting whiskies, plus a great group of guys! Willie Philips once said:

“When presenting a tasting to a group you should aim to have them treat and approach each whisky as a small child does the world around them!”

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…the maltings profitability over took that of the whisky, the decision was made to closed the Port Ellen distillery. After 1983 Port Ellen whisky has become collectable as it’s rarity has grown …

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Where to start? With so much information and lots to cover, today has been a toss up of talking about the news of expansion in Speyside and the forth coming Festival. Sadly with work commitments I won’t be attending this years Festival, but a colleague will return with a full report. However, with the press [...]

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