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1895  Born in Takehara-city Hiroshima prefecture.
1916 Graduated from the Osaka technical high school fermented food production.
1916  Entered Settsu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
1921 Studied abroad in Great Britain. Entered Glasgow university majoring in applied chemistry. Graduated from the Glasgow university. Back to Japan. Acquired a method for making real whisky.
1923  Left Settsu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. since the producing liqueur plan was abandoned.
1925 Entered Kotobukiya Co., Ltd. with 10years contracts. Engaged in whisky production, established Kotobukiya Co., Ltd. Yamazaki factory.
1925  Visited France to review the whisky and wine production.
1931 Back to Japan.
1932 Visited the Great Britain and France again for research of whisky and apple wine.
1934  Back to Japan.
1934  Left Kotobukiya Co., Ltd.
1943  Established Dainipponkaju Co., Ltd.. Became the president.
1952  Became CEO of Dainipponkaju Co., Ltd..
1956  Altered Dainipponkaju Co., Ltd.’s corporate name to NIKKA WHISKY DISTILLING CO.LTD.


1963  Made a tour of Europe and the United States to study.

1965  Visited the Great Britain for the partnership with W&A Gilbey Ltd and research.
1970  Became the board chairman of NIKKA WHISKY DISTILLING CO.LTD.
1972  Donated Taketsuru Schanze to Yoichi-machi after he changed its name to Kasaya Schanze.
1979  Died at the age of 85.

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