Chap Olympiad 2010 – Caskstrength & Bounder Wax

In it’s 6th year, The Chap Olympiad is a celebration of bygone lifestyle with some fun games thrown in to spice up the day. Neil Ridley from is a drinks writer for Chap Magazine, so out on location I caught up with Neil and we sampled an 1989 Imperial Scotch whisky from Berry, Bros & Rubb (see The Whisky Guy podcast…)

Campfire talk with Jamie from Glenfiddich

Tonight will see Jamie Milne story telling here in london, the address is below the video of Jamie explaining about tonight.

As far as I’m aware it’s an open invite and starts around 7:00p, so pop down and find out about Jamie and Glenfiddich.

Ichiro’s Malt – Double Distilleries

A podcast tasting note of Japanese whisky from Ichiro’s Malt range – Double distilleries.

Ardbeg 10yo

I’ll always have a fond place on my whisky shelf for Ardbeg and like my parents I’ll get my kids on to it at a very early age (please Drink responsibly!), but I do hope that the luxury product placement doesn’t take it too far from an honest man’s dram!

With Movember approaching your going to see more of this!

I’m loving the Old Spice ad’s and as one of the key sponsors for this years  campaign I have to share this! Genius!

Islay Malt with the Whisky Squad

It’s that time if the month again where 12-14 people come together and drink whisky and talk stuff, about stuff! This is session four and we decided that before expanding our dramming outside the UK we should get friendly with Scotch. We’ve so far looked at a mixed bag from SMWS, Island malts and the [...]

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